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COURSES- summary
Busan, South Korea
50,000   3 hour session-Swimming pool only

98,000   Includes 1 Ocean dive. Must pass basic safety skills test.

350,000 Qualify to dive to 12 metres, accompanied by an instructor

595,000 1 Person, 565,000 ea for 2 people, 530,000 ea 3 people +
               Qualify to dive to 18 metres diving independantly

495,000 Qualify to 30 metres plus Night diving

150,000 CPR and first aid course

895,000 * Dive Master Crew Pack excluded in price                        

180,000 (No book required)

395,000 Qualify to 40 metres

330,000 Won (Includes gas, up to 36% O2)

The Training Pool in Busan
The Training Pool in Ulsan
The Training Pool in Busan-Mr Noh

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How to get to the Training Pool (Busan)

Get the Line 1 (red) train to Dusil Station (Nopodong Direction)

At Dusil station take exit 1. Walk South about 100 metres. Turn right at the pizza hut. Walk to the end of the street (about 100 metres). At the end of the street you'll find a temple. (On the map, the reverse swastika marks the location of the temple). Opposite the temple there is a sports center.
Go into the center. At reception, just say "Skuba Dibing". and they'll let you in for free. Take your shoes off, and take the elevator to the 5th floor.

George (English) 010 4616 6378 
SooJin (Korean) 010 9668 0288
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Tank Room
Prices are all inclusive and include tanks, airfills, licence fees, pool fees and manuals. No Extras!
* PADI Dive Master, an application fee is payable to PADI
** Discounts are available for multiple courses .
To keep prices down we take payment in cash only or deposit to our Bank Account.
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