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We insist all divers are equiped with an Octopus Regulator
Busan, South Korea
Fun Dives

We dive on the South coast. Generally the water is a little warmer than diving along the North East coast. The further North you travel towards the DMZ, the colder the water gets.

The temperature difference may only be 2-3 Degrees Celcius, but as we know in the water, just 1 Degree, makes a big difference to being either warm or cold.

Visibility can vary greatly from day to day. If visibility is low, planned dives can be cancelled at short notice.

Luckily we can see the ocean out of our window, so we can see how clear the water is.

Some of the places where we dive include:


¨ Gwanalli Beach (Gwanan Bridge)                  ¨ Igidae Park Coastline (West of Gwanalli)        

¨ Oryokdo Islands (Near the ROK Naval Base)   ¨ Yeongdo Island

¨ Songjeong Beach (Cheonsapo)

We dive on weekends at 10:00am and 2:00pm. You can do a single dive or 2 dives.

Other times are available by request. To book a place just call or email.

Please provide your mobile number so we can message you, if dives are cancelled.

PRICES: Experienced divers that don't require a guide   1 Dive  35,000 won  2 Dives 60,000
              Divers that need a divemaster/instructor            1 Dive  45,000 won  2 Dives 70,000
              Full equipment rental (per day)                          30,000 won
              Full equipment less wetsuit                                20,000 won*

* We do have wetsuits for hire but sizes are limited as divers come in too many different shapes and sizes to accommodate everyone. Wetsuits in Korea are very reasonably priced and can be bought for under 200,000 won                

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