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Busan, South Korea
The Boat

She's a Mitsubishi MS25. In Japanese terminology she's 25 feet in length. American terminology she's 27 feet in length (Japanese measure at the waterline).

She's powered by a Mitsubishi Turbo Diesel Engine. A diesel engine is much safer and more reliable than a gasoline powered outboard.
Being diesel there is no explosive gasoline fuel on board, and as there is no electrical ignition or electronics, reliability is superior.

The boat is also equiped with sonar (allows us to see the ocean floor) and GPS

Safety- The boat has passed its regular safety inspection. It is equiped with lifejackets, buoys, ropes, anchor, basic medical kit, fire extinguishers (2 manual and 1 automatic) and a VHF radio.

Comfort- There is a platform at the rear, allowing for easy giant stride entry into the water.
The platform has non slip coatings.
There is a ladder and grab handle to make exiting from the water easy.
A shower, is located on the deck with 40 liters of warm water.
The cabin, you can chill out between dives in the cabin away from the sun in summer, or in winter stay warm.
Toilet, in case nature calls there is a flushing toilet in the cabin, plus wash basin and water.
Hot Coffee and tea are available on board.

Dive gear- There are 8 tanks on board and a compressor. An inverter will be installed soon allowing us to fill tanks on board the boat.
Most equipment is near or near new and maintained in excellent condition.

Licences- The boat has Korean registration and insurance. The boat operators have Korean boat operators licences.

Passengers- The boat was originally registered to take up to 12 passengers. As dive gear is heavy, for safety reasons our limit is 8 divers.

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